Christmas Recipes
This dictionary of culinary terms and food glossary makes it easy to find information on specfic foods, dishes, cooking methods, and recipes. Information is listed by keyword.

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EclairA small, oblong, cream-filled pastry made with Choux Pastry (cream-puff pastry dough). Unlike Cream Puffs, éairs are usually topped with a sweet icing such as a chocolate glaze.
EddoesAlso called taro root and dasheen, are solid, roundish root tubers. It is a starchy root with a combination of potato, water chestnut and artichoke flavors. It is delicious deep-fried, boiled, roasted or pan-fried. Peel the root first, and use as you would potatoes.
Eggthe ovoid, hard-shelled reproductive body produced by a bird, consisting principally of a yolk and albumen; it is a good source of protein, iron, sulfur and vitamins A, B, D and E but also relatively high in cholesterol.
Eggnoga frothy drink made from cream or milk, egg yolks, sugar and flavorings such as rum or brandy. Eggnog is a tradition Christmas drink.
Egg RollChinese pastry stuffed with a mixture of shredded meats, shrimp, cabbage or lettuce, and vegetables, then deep-fried.
Egg Timera small, hourglass-shaped container that holds a fixed amount of sand. When the timer is turned upside down, the sand moves from one half to another in a three-minute period, the time required to cook a medium-sized egg to the soft-boiled stage.
Elixirscordials or essences that are said to be life-prolonging.
Endivea plant (Cichorium endivia) with curly dark green leaves and a slightly bitter flavor; also know as curly endive and imprecisely known as chicory (especially in France and United States).
English Walnuta nut (Juglans regia) with a hard, wrinkled tan shell enclosing two double-lobed sections; has a sweet flavor and is used for snacking, in sweet and savory dishes and for obtaining oil; also known as the Persian walnut.
Entreetoday the term refers to the main course of a meal, but originally it was the second course of many. French, meaning entrance.
Entremetsside dishes, literally “between dishes”; can be savory or sweet.
Epergnea serving dish of numerous separate bowls attached to one main stem.
Epicurea gourmet who gives special attention to the knowledge of food and wine.
Escaloperefers to a thin slice of meat or fish, without bones, gristle, or skin.
Espressoan Italian way of preparing coffee using steam.
Essencescondensed flavors made as their source is distilled or pressed, then mixed with liquid. Examples are almond extract, rose water, etc.
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