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Breaded Pork Dinner


Pork loin or fresh ham
Eggs, beaten
Bread crumbs
Small amount of canola oil
Salt to taste


Portions in this recipe are easily adjusted according to the number of people you wish to serve. Dip the pork into milk. Then into bread crumbs. Next dip into beaten eggs and then into bread crumbs again. Brown on both sides in a small amount oil in an electric fry pan. Remove from fry pan. Place a bed of raw onion rings in fry pan. Place browned meat on top of onions. Add water until it comes to the bottom of the meat. Cover and simmer for several hours, adding more water as needed. You can thicken the onions and water to make an onion gravy to put over meat or mashed potatoes. This recipe will give you meat that will be tasty and can be cut with a fork.

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